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Faster, Safer Logging

Fortronics chokers improve efficiency and safety for forestry businesses of all sizes.

Improve Profitability

Quicker turnaround = greater profit: Less than10 second turnaround at the landing site means more cycles per day.

Typical gain in landed stems/logs per day is between 12 – 45%.

Reduce labour costs: Since releasing logs is as easy as pushing a button, there’s no need for a dedicated pole man, meaning labour savings can be as much as one salary.

Low running costs: Fortronics chokers are cheap to run. The system comes with a tracking device for locating lost chokers.

Better Utilisation of Machinery and Manpower

Free up your machinery: Using our chokers for stem/log release on the landing site allows for stockpiling, freeing up your log shifting machinery for other tasks.

Safety bonus: Since there is less need to move logs once stockpiled, your crew is not unnecessarily exposed to the danger of shifting logs.

Improve Safety

The system provides dramatic safety benefits in one of the most dangerous areas of forestry: stem/log recovery activities.

Controlling the chokers remotely eliminates the need for skid workers to be near machinery and working ropes.

Stems and logs can be selectively or group released by the yarder operator.

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